Piss 160588303206

I know this is crazy but I can’t shake the idea of wanting my boyfriends warm piss all over my body, and watching him point his stream at my labia and nipples. I watched a porno once with that as the main plot and I’ve been intrigued ever since. I did it with my ex but I’ve since left him and found a new partner. I’m honestly so embarrassed that I don’t know if I’ll ever tell him. I’m considering tilting my hips up in the shower and pissing on myself in the meantime.


Taken by an Angry Ex 160565799645

Before me and my boyfriend took a break, he would just plow my brains out. It was even better when he was angry about something, all that frustration would go into his cock and then straight into my small frame. This was his best bedroom quality, and along with all this he’d also act on my fantasy of being basically a sex toy for a man and take advantage of my body while in bondage.

However…now I miss him, and I miss the weekly sex for hours. I still text him and I even see him at our favorite card shop in town. I so badly want him to ravish me against the concrete wall of that shop and tell me how bad of a girl I’ve been. If he didn’t have a girl I’d probably take him myself I need it so badly. 


Deeply in Love 155630309216

I love my husband so much. I love being totally connected to him when we make love nearly everyday. I haven’t worn panties in years, just tan pantyhose which he prefers. I cut out the crotch panel to give him instant access. It’s a very erotic way to please him. At home I usually wear just pantyhose and a clingy revealing top. I feel something ecstatic when he is on top of me emptying himself deep inside my pussy. I guess my love makes me kinda submissive.

I also like to be on top, riding him like a cowgirl while he lies on his back sucking and fingering my sensitive nipples. The passion is exquisite. He also has a thing that neither of us leave without an orgasm, and his g-spot skills are intense! I also love it when he nourishes me with his cum down my throat. I am an extremely happy and fortunate woman, deeply in love.